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Stolen Cubs sign

 Hello, Lyla Garrity fans! Sorry to intrude and no I don't have anything of our favorite Cheerleader done just yet since I've been pretty busy with other Projects, but right now there's a situation that has happened other than what is happening with the economy.

If you live in Illinois, then you may or may not have heard of a Cubs sign being stolen about a month ago and for those who don't, my Grandmother Marcella Johnston who is 85, is a life long Chicago Cubs fan. She has her house in her very own style; her interior decorating including a Cubs lamp, Cubs clock, Cubs calendar, the Department 56 Cubs ceramic village, and an autorgraphed Cubs umbrella by Milt Pappas, when open, it looks like a big baseball cap.

But one of the things she holds close to her heart, is the 6 foot diameter Cubs symbol made by my late Grandfather, Steve Johnston, even though he was a Yankees fan, he still loved my Grandmother and love is one of the most beautiful and greatest things in the world. They were a couple for more than half a century, marrying just before he joined the Navy and served on the light cruiser USS Cleveland in the Pacific.

The sign was stolen on Tuesday, June 21st and the Cubs logo had been lit by floodlight. If you or anyone you know has any information on the wheabouts of the Cubs sign,  you can either comment me or send me an e-mail at Oberlander1384@comcast.net

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Title: The Silent Knowing

Title: The Silent Knowing
Pairing/Character(s): Tim/Lyla
Rating: K+
Word Count: 617
Spoilers: Set after Episode 2 of Season 3, so yes there is spoilers. If you aren't watching the new season yet and don't want to be spoiled I suggest you don't read.

Summary: She knew that deep down he was a good person.

"Silence is everything"

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FNL - Pilot Pic Spam

My first FNL pic spam because this show has such beautiful imagry. I decided to relive the pilot.

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